Advance DevOps Engineer Training

Online Session Available !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Build , Develop and Deploy Service and resources Using Infrastructure as a Code(Iac)

$2000/student - 12 Weeks Session

Ongoing Registrations For the 2019  Winter Morning and Evening  Classes !!!!!!!!!

Start Date: TBD

Time : Every Thursday

7.00pm -10.00pm (Evening)

  • Learn DevOps and understand its culture, automation, monitoring and sharing

  • Understand the concept and important of the LEAN principle

  • Introduction to Platform As A Service (AWS Focused)

  • Learn and understand the strength of Agile development

  • Introducing core Devops Technologies and their deployment in an on-premise which include

  • Installation and Configuration of GIT version control and its role in Devops environment

  • Installation and configuration Docker machine, Docker-Compose, Docker-Swarm and their role in a

  • Continuous Integration and a Continuous delivery work-flow

  • Deploy Kubernetes as a container orchestration tool used in deploying and of containerize


  • Setup up Continuous Delivery Using Dockers ,Jenkins and Ansible as an automation tool that make our applications and systems easier to deploy

  • Introduction to AWS Cloud Environment and the Deploying of Container Applications to AWS