Linux/Devops Administration Training

Build, Develop and Deploy production standard servers and applications software.

$2700/student -  16 Weeks Session Online Sessions Available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ongoing Registrations For the 2019 Summer Weekend Evening  Classes !!!!!!!!!

Start date:  Saturday August 31st 2019 (Evening Session)

                                            Time : Every Saturday

4.00pm - 8.00pm (Evenings)




  • Learn Linux/Unix fundamentals including Installation, configuration, and deployment of Linux OS

  • Learn Relevant Linux Scripting and Programming skills (Bash, Python, ........etc

  • Fundamentals System Networking and Troubleshooting skill using (ipv4, ipv6) technology

  • Para Virtualization and Hardware Virtualization using hypervisors like (Kvm, VMware ,Xen…..etc)

  • Physical and Virtual Storage management using(LVM, RAID technology….etc)

  • Linux Systems Security Using (Firewall and Selinux,NISD,AIDE……. etc)

  • Application ( DNS,DHCP,Zammad,Mariadb,Apache,Nagios…..etc)

  • Configuration Management Tool (Chef, Puppet, Ansible .....etc

  • DevOps Tools (Docker, Kubernetes, Splunk, Jenkins, Maven, Git..... etc)